Let’s not get political

I don’t want to start things right away being all political, but it’s hard not to get invested in the world as it looks today. Or rather, some times you feel so invested and overwhelmed by things around you that you don’t even know where to look or go.

I feel like there’s tragedies wherever you look nowadays, people driving in trucks into big crowds of people. Did this happen just as much before, but there was not this global news presence? I honestly don’t know but one of these days I’ll just have to sit myself down and look into it. Instead now i try to just ignore most of it and focus my attention on all the positive things that you can find in life. Just walking outside and looking at the waves hitting the shore is one of my interests, or interest might not be the right word.

But I like it.

And other things i like is satirical sites that don’t take the world all too serious. Places like The Onion, The Clickhole, or the Times of Mela. The last one is specifically for Malta but i think you get the jist of it anyways.

So before we go any further, sit yourself down and have a breather. I tell people to do yoga and meditate, even though I have never done those things, but I’ve heard good things. Oh well, times up.

Carlos out.

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