Taking the first steps.

Here we go, this is the first step into my new journey. I hope it will be a long and prosperous one. My name is Carlos, we’ll keep it at first name basis for now, but we will get to know each other better later on. For now, I’ll just be the one true Carlos. I’ve traveled a fair bit in my life, from Toronto to Spain and most of the Spanish speaking world really. I will try to tell you some of my stories. But before we get into some of those things I’d like you to do one small thing for me.

If you can, and I don’t actually sound like it, but if you could think of me speaking with the voice of Morgan Freeman, that’d be greatly appreciated. I feel like the stories will have a greater impact if you do that. Stories that will range from me DJ’ing in the middle of nowhere, with people I never thought I would sit down and have a really giving conversation with, to me driving down one of the busiest roads you could ever imagine on my motorcycle. Oh how I miss her. My dear bike. Sometimes when I paint, I accidentally paint her without even knowing that I am doing it. Oh well.

As time flies and summer turns into winter, most of us will still be here. Take notice to the fact that I said most of us, because not everyone makes it over the winter. So I’d like for you to cherish the ones you hold dear, and actually the ones you don’t hold so dear. Everyone deserves a bit of love every now and then.

I know this wasn’t much of a lengthy start, but I’ve been told that you should always leave them wanting more.

Carlos out!

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